Teething, take 2

Remember back here where Jack got his first tooth?  And it was so exciting!  And still is.  They're growing in and you can really see them!  I just can't imagine what he'll look like with a mouth full of teeth!  I'm kinda sad to see the toothless baby go, but teeth are, for whatever reason, an exciting milestone!

Anyways, we're working on the top two front teeth now...and it's been a beating.  Jack is such a happy baby!  So content...until teething enters the picture.  And this makes him a very unhappy baby.  Poor thing!  I can only imagine what it feels like to get teeth (thank the Lord we don't have to remember) but it's obviously very uncomfortable! 

The teething waves kinda come and go.  We're in the middle of the longest one yet for this set.  It started Sunday...and hasn't stopped!  I checked his mouth on Sunday (which is no small feat) and could see the white nub that I just knew was going to pop on through that day!  Well, I still see the white nub. 

I put him down for a nap at 8:45 and he's been struggling to go to sleep ever since...and as I type it's 9:45!!  Prayers for Jack, that he can rest and that that tooth will do it's job and get on out here!


Ms. Kolstad's Class Blogspot said...

Said those prayers early this morning. Will keep it up. Love to all of you. :)