The problem with not blogging for a month....

is that there's waaaaay too much to catch up on! I'll try to be concise...

Owen's feeding problems have turned out to not be so much feeding problems but that he had C. Diff bacteria in his intestines!  Fun, right?  Who knows how long it was in there before we found it, I'm just so thankful for the string of events that lead us to our GI clinic where our nurse practicioner ordered a stool sample.  So, Owen was on an anti fungal for 10 days, which took care of the bacteria and.....tada!  Gave3 us out smiling 2 month old tha we knew was in there somewhere!  Thank the Lord.  The second month of Owen's life was quite a struggle.  We changed bottles AGAIN to Dr. Brown and ended up EleCare, which is a hospital grade formula, based on neither soy or milk, to make sure that wasn't what was making him so uncomfortable.  I'm really hoping that in the next month, we can transition off of that onto something milk based, since I'm convinced the C.Diff was the problem, not an allergy.  It's only been in the past few days where we've actually been able to enjoy our little man, and I'm just beyond thankful for that.  Don't get me wrong, he has his baby moments, but he's just not screaming constantly.  So there's that.  
Watching the Bachelorette with Daddy

Owen is a huge fan of the sling, and most of the time, so am I.  It's great to be able to tote the boys around with Owen tucked in and taken care of!  Honestly, how do you shop at Target with two kids?  Especially with one in a car seat that takes up the whole basket?  No idea.  I did it once and you see how it turned out....Jack was packed in! The times when it's hard is when he will NOT go to sleep unless he's in the sling.  And then it's only a pain because I can't do exactly what I want to do.....which is basically the whole premise of motherhood.  Right?
 All tucked in while Mama makes chili

He's also really liking the Bumbo lately!  And so it Jack.  :)

Jack is hystarical still, and I'm loving the two's.  This month was tough on him with Owen being so high maintenance.  Still, every time I pick him up from somewhere, weather it's school, church nursery, or one of the grandma's, first thing he asks me is, "Baby Owen sad, Mama?"  But he's a trooper, and has made it through.  Again, watched WAY too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but survivde.  In fact, about 90% of all of the adorable catch phrases he uses are from MMC!

 Saaaaad day when Jack's first guitar broke.

I think it might need to be framed.  I mean, it was a $15 guitar from World Market, but it was his first love!  Don't worry, it's already been replaced and Jack didn't skip a beat.  He loves to direct his band....which included anyone in the room.  If you're here for a visit, go ahead and assume that at some point, you will have an instrument in your hand and you will be directed to play.  One morning we got home from church and I was getting everything ready for family dinner when Jack grabbed his guitar and started singing this:
It took us a while to figure out that he was singing I Am Bound For the Promised Land, which we'd sang in church that morning!  Little sponge.

Jack also started saying "I love you, too!" whenever we say I love you, which is absolutely heart-melting.  Seriously.  I die each time.

There are many more things I'm sure I would have blogged about if I'd been keeping up, but those are at least the high points!