The BIG reveal!

Thursday, July 7th.  That was the date.  Jeff and I pulled into my doctor's office parking lot, excited and nervous about my appointment that morning.

Is it just me, or does everyone get nervous walking into dr's appointments?

Today was the day that we would FOR SURE know if J babe no 2 was a girl or a boy!  You know, 6 weeks ago, the stenogographer said he was 75% sure it was a girl!  Woo hoo!  And while I wasn't really sold on the idea it was a pinterest board spoke for itself.

We waited semi-patiently in the waiting room, watching my pregnant sisters go in with smiles, and come out with a string of sonogram pictures....hoping we'd be next!

Finally, my name was called!  Yay!!!

I was busy getting settled on the table and the stenographer was making small talk about the wait, and causally asked if we wanted to know what we were having.  I was quick with a YES and a nervous giggle, and Jeff said, "Well, you kinda told us last time." 

He started the ultrasound and said, "Well, I hope I told you it was a BOY."

Um, no.  No, you didn't.  

After the initial shock and telling the stenographer that it was ok, he actually saved us a lot of money, and  hearing that I was carrying a very healthy baby, we carried our string of pictures out into the waiting room to wait to see my doctor.
Yes, we were a little taken a back, but really, so excited for Jack to have a little BROTHER!  I love being the mom of a little boy, and honestly, once I basically deleted my entire Pinterest page, I'm overwhelmed with excitement of being the mom of two boys!!! 

And more over, overwhelmed that the Lord has blessed us with what looks to be a very healthy baby.  I tear up just thinking about the grace and mercy He shows us in the miracle of my already squirmy little boy.


Jennifer said...

Goodness, I tear up, too! What a precious miracle we get to play a part in! that a hint I noticed in your tagging??

Helen said...

Aww, a huge congrats to y'all. I have two baby nephews, and they are awesome fun, and hilariously funny. Get ready to laugh a lot :).