Quick Catch Up

I have neglected to post about SO many things....so here's a quick catch up.  

Jack was a pirate for halloween.  The cutest pirate EVER!  The cutest pirate ever who wouldn't wear his hat or vest but loved his eye patch.  

When we were expecting Jack, Vincent tested out the equipment.  Now, Jack tests out the equipment.  It's his boat, you see.
We visited Dad and Barbara in Palestine, since my doctor said don't count on traveling that close to my due date.  (Um, good thing we listened.)
I had a fabulous baby shower thrown by fabulous friends!  The food was amazing, the ladies were generous, and there was great crafting to be had as they helped me put he finishing touches decorate Owen's room!  The project isn't done yet, but when it is, there will be pictures.  Lots of pictures.
Mary Claire had to leave early and I forgot a hostess pic before she left!  :(