He is Risen!

Our Easter weekend was spent in Palestine with my dad's family and we had a great time.  Jack somehow remembered that we go fishing with Grandpa and had been talking about it for weeks!  Unfortunately, the fish in Crystal Lake aren't red gooey fish (thank you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and don't magically attach themselves to the laughing worm at the end of the fishing pole....but all was made better when he got to do "fast" donuts in the middle of the lake with the trolling motor.  Ah, the life of a 2 year old!  Enjoy the pics!

 I wear my sunglasses at the lake....
 New Spider-man life jacket!  Pretty cool...
 If only Owen would look at the camera!
 Getting ready to fish with Grandpa!
 This picture slays me.  Can you say slide show material???
 The boys heading out!
 Trying oh so hard to convince Aunt Kat that it's time to go swimming.
 The boys.
 The hunter!  In his Woody pajamas. 

 My loves.
Family pictures!!!