Things Jack loves right now...

  • in not strolling.......not sitting in a high chair.......just walking. 
  • Being outside.....and walking outside.  But not in the grass.  Crossing the border between our concrete patio and the yard is like a entering into the abyss.  And it's only to do cautiously, slowly, and for very short periods of time.
  • Banging everything......and walking around banging everything.  He loves to carry around his plastic baseball bat and bangs it on the floor while he walks.  He carries around his plastic golf club and bangs it on the floor while he walks.  He carries around his ladle and bangs it on the floor while he walks.  And if he's on the floor for a millisecond, he's found something to bang while he's there. 
Did I mention he likes to walk? 
Ok, just checking
  • Throwing food over the edge of the high chair to signal to me that he's done eating.  I guess that's what happens when I decided that I didn't want him to throw food, so if he threw food twice, meal time was over.  Well now he just waits until he's full, throws a piece of pasta over, and looks at me like, "Ok, mama, done!"  And he is!
  • Throwing toys, balls, puzzle pieces, blocks, books...ok, throwing everything!  Most of the time he throws something and then laughs soooooo hard!  He thinks it's hysterical!  And it kinda is...
  • Feeding Vincent goldfish crackers.  He'll sit on the floor with his snack trap full of goldfish and place them very intentionally on the floor all around him so Vincent can eat them!  And they both love it!  Who knew the snack trap would be so bonding!
  • Throwing the paci into the crib after naptime.  When he wakes up and we pick him up, he keeps his paci in as long as possible.  But we'll stand right by the crib and tell him to "Just throw it in there!" And he giggles and smiles....and throws it right back into the crib for next time.
  • Watching people leave out of the picture window in the front.  As soon as someone walks out the front door, he walks right on over to the window and stands there until they've driven off!  And he knows that's where he can watch for Dada to come home.  Cutie!!!
  • Saying Uh-oh!  And saying it a lot!  Uh-oh means pretty much everything.  It's not just what we say when we drop something.  We say it all the time.  Just walking around the house...."Uh-oh!"
  • He knows exactly what things mean!  No, I'm serious.  If I say, "Jack, you want to go take a bath?"  He gets up and goes straight to the bathroom!  "Jack, time to take a nap!"  Straight to the bedroom.  "Jack, time to eat!" Into the kitchen! 
  • Going to pull Monk out of the crib for a snuggle.  Jack LOVES Monk!  I mean loves him.  If you even mutter Monk's name, he heads straight for the bedroom, reaches through the crib slats, and pulls Monk out to snuggle with for a minute. 
  • He does the same thing with his paci!  But he's sneaky about that.  He knows paci belongs in the crib, but every once in a while, he'll be in his room, all quiet...and sure enough, I'll walk back to check on things there he is, just sitting in there (ok, walking around in there) taking a few drags from the paci.
How is it possible for him to be so fun and funny!  And quirky!  And have such a cute little personality!!  It's such a blessing to see him grow and learn and become the little boy God created him to be!  I couldn't love him more.


Beth Wooten said...

What a great post! My favorite part was the sneaking in and "taking a few drags from the paci."

I like your new background, especially the edge.

The Rigoloso's said...

hey molly!
it's molly! love that! so glad I finally got to 'meet' Jack on your blog! he is adorable! Glad to be able to follow along with you & yours! Looking forward to our hopeful dinner date!
your bff molly