Weekend Wrap-Up

What a weekend!  It was a busy one, but  a good one. 

Friday evening, Jack and I went down to the Fort Worth Stockyards for the Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering.  Basically, it's where a bunch of people dress up in their authentic cowboy best and get their horses, wagons, and other paraphernalia together, and hang out in the stockyards.  Jack had a whole lot of fun and Aunt Kat is the perfect stockyards tour guide!  If we asked Jack what he liked best, he'd probably say his snack trap filled with goldfish.  He wouldn't let go of that thing for anything!  It was his security blanket of sorts.

Saturday, after a fun and delicious dinner with our supper club we headed to the TCU game!  Go Frogs! 
Happy with Daddy, time to go home with Aunt Kat. 

Sunday...oh Sunday.  Well, we were all up and ready for church.  Jack had on this ADORABLE green and white checked smocked jon jon.  He was so cute.  Beside the point, but still, he was so cute!  So, coffee and Bibles in hand, we turn the alarm on and head out the door.  Right after the door shut, Jeff said, "Did you grab the keys?"  Um, no.  I didn't.  "Are the spare keys in the back?"  Um, no.  I forgot to put them back out last time I used them.  Really?  So we had church in the backyard, waiting for the locksmith to show up.  Not the perfect start.  But, once the locksmith got here and helped up get back in the house, Jack took a nap and we decided to have Sunday lunch out.  Usually we have family lunch on Sundays, which is so wonderful.  But this week, Jeff's parents were visiting his brother in Baltimore, my mom was lunching with some friends from church, and my sister was helping out with a presentation at Sunday school.  So it was just the three of us at Pappacito's!  And Jack learned that he loves rice.  And beans.  But not rice and beans off of a fork or spoon.  The taste much better one handful at a time. 


The Rigoloso's said...

so fun! wish I could have seen you this weekend! bummer. There's some really cute pics of Jack's buddy Sam up on my blog...check it out! Hope to see you soon!