Happy Valentine's Day to my boys!  We had a good day today.  Jack spent the night with Grammy, so our morning started with a cup of coffee.....that didn't get cold....and wasn't chased after by a toddler.  Perfect! 

And a little of this from my Valentine!
Love, love, love him! 

After picking up Jack and him not taking a nap....really...we took a family trip to Central Market, where it was CRAZY!  Lots of folks getting special valentine things. 

While Jack was not napping in the afternoon, 
I whipped up a little something that had a little of this
a lot of this....
even more of this....
in this! 

Walked into find my  non napper like this....

who had grabbed a little light reading from his bed side table.  No wonder he couldn't sleep!  He was pondering salvation!

We played at the park, headed home to indluge in the gourmet mac and cheese and am anticipating a glass of wine with my husband any minute now.

Blessed Valentine's Day!