What's Jack Saying?

I feel like people ask me frequently what Jack's saying these days....and I fumble around and come up with Mama and Dada, which he's been saying forever, because I haven't really sat down and thought out what he's saying! 

So, you'll be my handy dandy notebook as I list off things I hear Jack say today. 

Mama = Mama
Dada = Dada
Jus = Juice
Thin = Think
Vava = Vincent
Nahnah = Nattie
An Tat = Aunt Kat
Ma = Milk
Chee = Cheese
Bye = Bye
Pha = Please
St = Stick
Ba = Ball
Tak = Truck
This = This
That = That
Lyla = Lyla
Ba = Balloon
Tee = Three
Aaal Da = All Done
Ma = More
Ha = Hat
Wawa = Water
Souside = Outside
Buh = Blue
Ba = Balloon
Poopie = Puppy

The list of things he can identify is super long...so I'll spare you most of the details.

He still loves to use his Look and Learn ABC book to point out all kinds of things!  We've been working on identifying the animals in there and I can't wait to take him to the zoo this spring.  It's going to be so much more fun than last year!  He'll actually care!  In his book, he knows the tiger and does the cutest little roar when he sees it.  I was teaching him the kangaroo, and said, "The kangaroo goes hop, hop, hop!" so now when he sees the kangaroo, he says, "Hop, hop, hop, hop!"  CUTE!  He also knows the zebra, elephant and the bunny.  I can't wait for zoo weather!


KLZ said...

My favorite thing Alex says is sissies for fishies

They totally need an interpreter to travel with them at all times