It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic.....but not really!  

Let's start off with the best of times.  

Guess what!  I'm pregnant!  Yay!!!  Today, I'm 13 weeks pregnant and we couldn't be more excited about another little Jamison around here.  I feel like this pregnancy has been a little rougher on me....more tired, more nauseous, I'm either STARVING because I haven't eaten in 5 minutes or so full on a cracker I want to gag.  But the baby looks great, we've gotten 3 little peeks at her.....I'm saying her, because we went last Monday for a sonogram and the stenographer said he's 75% sure it's a girl!!  Now, I know that there's basically a 50/50 chance for either one, so really, 75% isn't that much more, but still, it's kinda fun to think about!  And worry that when I go in for the next one in 6 weeks, he's confirm it's a boy.  :)  Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy with either!!  Just a happy, healthy baby.  That's all I'm praying for.  

Now for the dramatic worst of times.  

I'd really like for Jack to be in a big boy bed before he even knows that there's a little brother or sister on the radar.  I want him to be firmly attached to his big boy bed, not even thinking that that little crying monster is not only taking away Mommy and Daddy's time, it's stealing his bed!!!  Which means it's pretty much time to transition.  He's 21 months old, so he's plenty old enough....but......he's my baby!  (PS, I'm already bawling)  That's the bed he has slept in all his life.  I made that bumper pad before I even knew him.  He's used it as a pillow for the last year.  That's the mattress he's jumping up and down on when I go in and get him after a nap.  Ok, so maybe he loved the swing more than his bed for a while, but now, he and his bed are super good friends.  

Today, I sold Jack's owl baby bedding and curtains on eBay to lucky bidder dqui1663.  And that's what prompted my meltdown, that this was for real now!  Tomorrow I have to wash it, take it to get it pressed, box it up, and ship it to Ohio for another mom to enjoy.  I hope she'll love it as much as I did.

Don't worry, I've already designed his toddler bedroom (I refuse to call it his big boy bedroom.....because he's still my baby.  So, toddler room, it is.) in my head, complete with Curious George bedsheets (got em!), a Pottery Barn Kids red and white gingham duvet (thank you, ebay!), brown (black out) curtains (on their way!), his same orange Ikea rug, and madras fabric accents to tie it all together.  It's going to be ADORABLE!  And perfect for him.  And he'll love it.  What's not to love about Monk sheets? means my baby is growing up!  And it's not fair for him to do this with my pregnancy hormones!  :)  

I know he's growing up.  I see it when he runs across the park, not minding to climb up the slide on his own.  I see it when he reminds me to get my purse before we walk out the door.  I see it as I watch him want to sit by himself and read Goodnight, Moon to Vincent.  But....he's still my baby.  He still needs his sleep sack, his Monk and paci to sleep.  He still wants me to hold his hand as he walks down the steps.  He still wants to be rocked for a little while before he goes to sleep.  

It's just been a reminder to cherish each day.  To treasure our time together.  To pray for the toddler, big boy, pre-teen, teenager, man he'll be one day.  Because it's all just around the corner!  

Thankfully, for most of those transitions, I won't be dealing with sobbing breakdown type of pregnancy hormones!  


Katherine said...

Quit trying to make ME cry!!!!

Beth said...


Kristi said...

Awe, great post! CONGRATS on #2!!! So exciting!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Jamisons! We are so excited for you guys and hopeful that you'll get to play out all the ruffle fantasies that we can't indulge!