Have you heard of Pinterest? 

I just jumped in a few days ago and.....it's amazing.  

Think of it as a virtual cork board.  

Remember back in middle school when you would snatch a few Teen Bop magazines from a friend and feverishly cut out the latest pic of New Kids on the Block (they weren't quite NKOTB yet) and tack it up between your Cory pictures (plural....there's more than one, you know!) from last week?  

Well, this is like the grown up version of that....replacing your Teen Bop's with the internet and your push pins for a mouse click. 

I love that you can make your own boards for what you're doing....

I have one for Jack, with all the new things for his room and things he'd just love, like Elmo cupcakes and Jello with gummy fish floating in the middle.
I have one for J-Babe #2.  Yes, it's mostly girly stuff.  Hold my hand if she turns out to be a he. 
It's super fun to find things that I think I can replicate...like painted mason jars to grow herbs in, or the kids art gallery wall.

And it's the perfect pregnant girl thing to do...find things that look absolutely delicious and fantasize about them, wish you would make them, know you wouldn't, and settle on being satisfied with just gazing at the beautiful jalapeno popper grilled cheese sandwich or double chocolate espresso sandwich cookies w/ peanut butter frosting.

If you're on it, follow me and I'll follow back! 


Beth said...

I just told Carter that I thought I was going to have to quit Pinterest. You know how I have to systematically look at every little thing in a store when I go shopping? Well, that trait does not translate well to Pinterest. I'm wasting HOURS at a time. It's stressing me out b/c I can't keep track of what I've seen and I want to see everything. This is obviously a problem. Besides, with FaceBook and the blog and email, it's just too much. I love it, but it's consuming me.

Molly said...

I can totally see that! I'm just getting started.....and am already wasting too much time. And did you know they have an app? TIME-WASTER!!

Beth said...

Oh no. I'm going to pretend I don't know that.

Meve & Co. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you! Hang in there w/ the hormones. I cried and cried the day before Natalie was born b/c it was my last day w/ just Claire. (I was induced so I knew Natalie was coming.) We need to put Paul in a big boy bed too--he is 2 yrs and 2 mos already! He is my baby though, and I just don't want too!!! I had Claire in a big girl bed @ 15 mos!!! Crazy!