First Trip to Palestine

We packed up the car this past weekend to make the treck to the motherland...our first long car trip! Jack's been a pretty good car rider, especially since we introduced the pacifier (whoever invented those things deserves a Nobel Peace Prize) so we weren't too worried about him...

The trip is about 2.5 hours (half of the time it took me to pack our house for the trip) and for the first hour and a half, he was great! That last hour wasn't too pleasant...he was just ready to be out. Understandable, but not peaceful!

The weekend was great, had some good time with family, good time with friends, and Jack was an absolute angel! He slept through all the parts I'd prayed he'd sleep through, and was awake and not too fussy when he should have been.

I was really excited for Jack to meet my grandpa.

My friends from high school and their moms threw me a "Sip and See" party so all of the ladies in town could stop by and meet Jack. It was wonderful and so nice to see everyone!


Beth Wooten said...

I just got a little teary seeing that picture of Jack and your dad.