Things Motherhood has Done to Me

I forget to eat. This has NEVER been a problem for me before...and I mean never. I can't think of one time in my life before this when lunch time has slipped by me.

I wear foundation. I've never worn foundation! How else can one cover up these bags under ones sleep deprived eyes?

It's made me a really good napper. Before this, I wasn't one for a maybe once a year, I'd nap. Now a nap is a necessity!

Even when I'm standing without Jack, I'm constantly swaying!

I now completely understand why moms do all the things I said I'd never do as a mother. And I will never again, even in the slightest way, judge another mom for doing pretty much anything they said not to do in those pre-birth classes. Being a mom to a newborn is hard! You'd be crazy to not at least entertain the thought of giving a pacifier before they say it's ok to or thinking bottle feeding sure would be easier than breast. It takes a lot of patience to be a mom to Jack. A lot! I can even see how moms do the crazy extreme things they do...sometimes in the middle of the night when the sweet thing won't stop crying and I've tried everything in my bag of tricks for hours on end and nothing's working, I can understand how moms end up doing the crazy things they do! Don't worry, I'm not about to jump off the ledge, I'm just saying...I can understand.

Hate to end on a negative look how cute he is!

Oh, and it's also made me have long fingernails...only because if I can't do something with one hand, chances are it doesn't get done very often. And filing is one of those things!