So, last night, Jeff and I left the little one (for the first time) and headed out to a nice dinner. It was wonderful to just be together, not wondering when he's about to wake up, worrying that he's too hot or cold...it was just nice! My mom was with Jack and I think she enjoyed it, and we did, too. I missed him, but honestly, sometimes it's just nice to get away! And last night was nice because I wasn't just leaving him with Jeff to run to Target!

We came home, chatted with mom a bit, and got everyone ready for bed. Jack ate at about 8:15 and probably went down at about 9. He's been nursing every 4 hours, so Jeff and I headed to bed around 10 to try to get in a little sleep before feeding #1 of the night.

Around 3am, I woke up. Not to grunting or screaming that I interpret to mean "FEED ME!!"...I just woke up. First thought is...is he alive? Scary! I jumped out of bed and peeked in his bed...looks like he's sleeping...put my hand on his little chest to make sure he's breathing...um, he is. He's just SLEEPING! That means he's been sleeping since 9pm...6 hours! What? I crept back into bed, hoping not to wake the little one, knowing that he'd let me know if he's hungry...if I get to sleep fast, maybe I could get in a few more minutes before he wakes up!

I roll over at 5am and hear a little grunting. #1, he's still alive, #2...I've been sleeping for 7 hours! Count them, 7 hours! Not 7 hours spanned between the hours of 8pm and 8am, 7 hours in the last 7 hours! A-maz-ing.

I almost didn't know what to do! The last time I slept more than 3 hours at a time was, oh, 5 weeks ago! It was wonderful.

And so I send this note out to Jack:

Dear Jack,

You did such a great job sleeping last night! Did you see how much more patient and happy mommy was today after getting a reasonable amount of sleep? I know you can do just as well tonight...and tomorrow night, and the next night, and the next night... Just so you know, you're such a good boy, even if (when) you wake me up tonight every 4 hours and make my 7 hour night seem like a dream, I will feed you, whisper things about sleeping for a few extra hours in your ear, and nicely put you back to sleep.

Love and hugs,