Picture time!

A lot's been going on, so here's a few pics of our last few weeks!

 What?  You don't play your keyboard in your safari hat? 
He's looking so old!!!
 The newest love of Jack's life is water.  "Wawa."   He LOVES it and every opportunity to be outside should be met with some water play.  His Sponge Bob watering can, "Bob", is sooooo fun but really, splashing in a tupperware full of water is pretty much the best thing EVER!  So if you come over and Jack's running around trailer park style, you know he's been playing in the wawa.
 Always loves swinging!  It's been a full year since I hung that swing....and it's still going strong!  And I'm pretty sure it loves it's new home on the playset.
Aw....Jack and Mama! 


Katherine said...

Had to sneak a CAT in there somewhere!!!! Aunt Sha says so :-)