This is the day.....

that time-out begins.  We've read books, perused websites, talked with friends, and it's time. 

Shoot me now.

Jack's 18 months old.  He knows what no means, he knows that there are things that don't make mommy smile and laugh, he knows the teacher look (although usually it's met with a laugh)'s time for some consequences in his little life. 

I feel like this is a big step.  It's the first true discipline we've done, and it's kinda scary and daunting! 

By starting time out and being consistant, we're setting up expectations for Jack, teaching him to obey the one in authority, laying the foundation for what's expected of him, and rising to the occasion to raise our child as God commanded us to do.  Discipline is good and expected.  But it's not easy. 

So, say a little prayer for our time outs!