Smashed Face Giggles

These days we have a bedtime routine that goes something like this:

Pajamas on, brush teeth, sit in the rocking chair to read ole faithful (Good Night, Moon) and say prayers,  turn the light off, turn the sound machine on, zip up in the sleep sack, kisses and out the door for Mama.  Jack is pretty particular about each part of the routine, knows what's next and will pretty much tell me what to do when it's time to do it.  I'm nervous that he'll end up being Type A.  Which is by no means bad!  But our household is not run by a Type A personality!  I'm pretty much as far from it as we'll see how that all turns out!  :)

Anyways, tonight we were in the middle of our bedtime routine.  PJ's were on, teeth were brushed, said good night to the moon, and we were saying prayers.  Sometimes he brings his head up off my shoulder when we're close to the end to say an emphatic, "AMEN!" with me as the prayer ends.  

Tonight, he picked his head up, and smashed his face into mine and just giggled.  Which made me giggle.  Which made him giggle.  Which made me giggle.  Two minutes into it, his face was still smashed to mine, and we were both laughing so hard we could hardly breath and tears were rolling down my face.  I'm not sure if they were tears of laughter or tears of sweetness or tears of hormones.  But it was one of those mommy moments where I sat there laughing so hard and praying so fervently that I'd never forget what it's like to hold my sweet Jack with his face smashed against mine, sharing a laugh about absolutely nothing.  I'm tearing up again just writing about it! I want to take that moment, and never, never forget it.  Not only never forget it, but always remember it!  Which is why I ran to the computer to write about it before even a second of the memory slipped away.

He is by no means perfect.  He sat in time out today multiple times and acted crazy when we went to dinner with a friend.  But, he's my crazy boy, that the Lord is sharing with us for a while, and I absolutely treasure him.  Smashed face giggles and all.


Meve & Co. said...

so sweet...good job writing these things down, mama!