Test, test....1,2,3

With toddlers, I'm learning, that things learned are not always things un-tested.  Learned things are tested, and re-tested, and re-tested, and re-tested.  And this week, we're in a re-testing week.

We know to go to time out when Mommy and Daddy say, "Go to time out."  But this week, we like to laugh, giggle, smile slyly, and run away.  We know not to hit Vincent.  But this week, we hit him and just try to straight up aggravate him.  We know not to jump on the furniture.  But this week, we jump on the couch and laugh.  We jump on the chair and  scream.  We know when Mommy and Daddy say, "Come here," we come here.  This week, we run in the complete opposite direction, laughing like a mad man.

Oy.  Friday, Jeff came home and I said I felt like I had little patience with Jack today.  I felt bad.  Staying at home with a toddler is not easy, and Friday about did me in.  Saturday, was the same....but Jeff was there and together we witnessed the crazy little tornado that was our son.  And I realized why I felt like I'd had little patience on Friday!  He was a crazy little banshee!  

So we go back to the same consequences that worked to teach him the first time.  We've talked a lot about obeying Mommy and Daddy, we've done time outs, we've spanked.  It's a battle of wills around our house, and I pray that I'm not too lazy to win!  It is clear to me that he's testing.  Seeing if we're serious.  And boy, I'm serious.  He'll learn, I know he will.  All I can think of is that we're setting the foundation of obedience and love that will carry our son through his life!  And that's important enough to win for.