Fall Family Pictures

I've got to brag on my girl Sabrina Gebhardt.  We had family pictures taken a few weeks ago and got the pictures back today and I love them!!  She did such a great job!  Especially with crazy Jack running around.  Here are a few of my favorites. 

 Jack is so serious!!  Pondering life, I assume.
Can you say, "Cutest 2 year old ever!"???

I really like this one...

And our little musician!  Couldn't have a photo shoot without the guitar, could we?

Just heading down to the beach to play a few tunes...

I am absolutely in LOVE with this one.  Jack was being crazy and Jeff was just chasing and Sabrina made something beautiful out of it!

And at the end, the only way to wrangle crazy was to put him on Jeff shoulders.  And I love it!


Beth said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! You should be a modeling family, like the ones the use for the picture frame inserts.

Sabrina said...

Molly! I just saw this (I am so behind on blogs!). Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad that you love the pictures:) Can't wait to see you all again soon and meet little Owen:)