First Day of School

Yesterday was Jack's first day of Parents Day Out!  Pretty exciting, right?  It honestly wasn't too big of a deal around here, only because he was in the program last year, and even through the summer.  He's in the same room, with the same teachers as last Spring, only going one day a week, just like he's done since last January.  So, really, no big deal. 

But, let's do a little comparison!

First, please excuse the fact that my camera battery was dead yesterday, so all I have are iPhone pics that pale in comparison to the real deal.


Pretty much adorable at all ages.  That's my conclusion.  :)

He walked into his classroom, turned around and said, "Bye Mama!  Later! I owe u!", which obviously means, "Bye Mamma!  See you later!  I love you!" And ran right over to the toys to play!  He loves it there and is so comfortable.  

On a side note, I'm really glad we decided to start him in some type of school early.  He loves it, loves his teachers, and isn't afraid for me to leave him, and is super excited to see me when it's time to go home.  Today, I started a Bible study at a church he'd never been to.  When I dropped him off at the nursery, a place he'd never been, he didn't skip a beat!  Ran right in and started playing, the same way he does at school.  "Bye Mama!  Later!  I owe u!" and ran off to play!  A few minutes later, I realized I'd left him in the wrong room, and went back to pick him up, walked him down the hall to his correct room, and he had no issue.  Ran right in and started playing.  It makes me smile.

After school we went for some fro yo for a little first day of school treat!  Of course, it was disgusting and the grossest thing he'd ever thought about tasting....until I shoved a little in his mouth as he was taking a bite of a vanilla wafer.  You're welcome, Jack.
You can tell he hates me for it.  :)

And then, because it's not 108 outside, we went to the zoo with a friend!  

What a great day! 
(Cue the Fresh Beat Band music)