Jack's Birthday!!

How is it possible Jack's two.  Seriously.  The time has flown by!  Now, I don't think I thought that when he was 3 months old, basically I assumed people lied about time flying......because those first months were the longest ever!  But now?  Where has the time gone.  He's getting so big!!

Jack's been to quite a few birthday parties this summer and was kind getting what this whole birthday thing was about.  Well, really he just knew where there was a birthday, there is the "happy to you" song and a "cuppycake" so obviously birthday's are a good thing!

Jeff and I woke him up singing Happy Birthday, and he loved that!  I had contemplated the millions of fun birthday wake up ideas on Pinterest, but was too lazy to fill the room with balloons.  Thankfully, singing was just enough for him.

We got up, got dressed in our birthday best, loaded up

and headed to "Chick-a-way" for some breakfast.  That child loves Chick fil A and loves the play yard, too!  Win, win for this birthday boy!

Jeff had the idea to get him one of those adorable little red cars for his birthday.  They're so cute and Jack doesn't have any riding toys.  So, perfect!  Chick Fil A, then straight to Target to get his car.  PS, they don't come put together.  They look like this.  Plus a eleventymillion other parts.

Parenting fail!  Jeff spent pretty much the whole rest of his time before work putting the car together while Jack watched out the window!  But, the end result was great.  Jack loves it!  His favorite routine is:  get in the car, shut the door, say, "Bye Mama!  Bye Dada!  See you later!", take two steps, open the door, say, "Welcome home!", get out of the car, shut the door, walk away for 2 seconds and repeat.  


Jeff worked that evening, but Grammy, Aunt Kat, Nana, and Papaw came over for some presents

and dinner and Jack got his birthday cuppycake!  He's a little uncertain about getting messy, so he didn't necessarily dive into the cupcake, but definitely got enough for a birthday sugar rush.  Cute little boy!!

Grandpa and Barbara came in for the party and, of course, brought super fun presents!

Saturday was the big birthday party day!  I love planning and hosting parties and tend to go all out for them....and that's kinda what happened here.  I just get started and can't stop!!  Plus, I got a Cricut die cut machine for my birthday, so I just had to use my new toy!

Jack loves the water so we had a sprinkler party!  Jeff put together this amazing PVC pipe sprinkler thing for the backyard (thank you, Pinterest!), and it was a HIT!!  

The kids had a great time splashing and running around and Jack had an absolute BLAST!

 Add in a baby pool with some beach balls....
 another pool at the bottom of the slide...
 other backyard goodies....
 good friends and family....

and you've got yourself one heck of a birthday party!!

 And don't forget to add the babies.  Got to have babies. 

The menu was full of Jack's favorite things:  peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, yogurt, apple sauce, and goldfish crackers.  Easy enough, and it was perfect for all the kids.  I dare say the adults enjoyed the sandwiches as much as the kids did!  What's not to love?

Cake time was great!  My mom was in charge of the cakes and cupcakes and they were all winners!

Jack's pretty much a pro at this.  He blew out his candle and cupcakes were passed out.

 The best thing about the party were the icing faces of all the kids!!  Hilarious.  I mean check these out.
The party was a success and Jack was celebrated!  I just can't believe he is 2!  Although most days, I can totally believe he's 2, with the crazy 2 year old-ness that he pulls out, but boy, does time fly!  Just praying I treasure every moment of his 2 year old-ness!  Because before I know it, it will be 13 year old-ness. 


Beth said...

I love all these pics! It was an awesome party. I've said it before and I'll say it again--you should sell those party-throwing skills! You could be a professional.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness. Will you plan my next birthday party?