So, here's where we are: Toddlerhood

You know that place where your toddler has the will of a dictator?

When he looks like this because you asked him to eat one.......bite.......of a homemade pumpkin muffin?

And then after he finally eats ONE BITE, he gets up and proceeds to eat 3 muffins 5 minutes later?

And that place where since you took a picture on the first day of school, you now have to take a picture on every day you go to school?

And that place where all you ask him to do is say "Please" and you'll help.............and he won't?  And he knows what that means, but doesn't want to do it, so he just cries for 10 minutes instead?

And that place where you tell him you'll put him in the swing when you finish snarfing down your breakfast while you try to talk to a friend, only you can't talk because said toddler is screaming in the background because he wants to swing NOW, and not play with the 20,000 other toys in the backyard that you've suggested?

And that place where he gives you straight up hugs and kisses while he pats your back?

And gets really excited to make his first batch of cupcakes?

And sings and plays his guitar like a freakin' rock star?  And then acts like a rockstar when he demands that you sit on the big ball while he plays and sings into his microphone, and is so adorable you want to snatch him up and hug him forever and never allow him to grow up?

Yes, the video is long.....but he's so cute you just can't stop!  And please excuse me and my waaaaay prego self.  Not my most attractive.  

And when he figures out that Mamma is the comforter and Daddy is the fun one?

That's where we are.