So, here's where we are: Pregnant

You know that place in being pregnant when you have acid reflux when you eat a cheeseburger, acid reflux when you eat a grape, and acid reflux when you eat nothing?  

And that place where you hip pops so loudly that it sounds like gunfire when you roll (if it could be called rolling) over in bed?  

And every movement requires sometype of grunt?  

And you wonder why in the world these stackable washer/dryer things were such a good idea as you squat and grunt to put in one of many looming loads of laundry?  

And you're out of breath going from the kitchen to the couch with a glass of water? 

And your toddler sits on your lap and uses your belly as an arm rest while he watches TV?

And you can't drink enough water?  

And because you drink that much water, you go to the bathroom because you feel like you're about to explode, go back to the couch, and immediately have to get back up to go again?

And you have tator-tots with cheese on top and chocolate milk for lunch and dinner?

And you feel like everything in the nursery MUST be done TODAY because the baby's coming tomorrow....only it's not tomorrow, it's 6 weeks away?

And you thought you'd actually avoided the whole extremities swelling thing until you went on a trip (that you have yet to blog about) and from the moment you stepped on the plane, your feet and hands turned into balloons?

And going on a walk sounds like a great idea until you realize that all that walking you did today makes for some painful Braxton Hicks that evening?

And when your toddler is napping, you know you should nap, but it's the only time to get things done so you hang curtain rods and make book slings and glue bows onto the bumper pad?

That's where I am.