Pinned There, Done That

How many things have I pinned on Pinterest?

The my profile board tells me 1158 things.

Have I done 1158 things?


So today, I started a board to pin the things I've actually done, just to validate myself, that I actually pin things for a purpose, not just pin things to pin things. 

And there are 25 of them.  25 out of 1158.  That's a laaaaame showing.  Especially for someone who loves crafty things and loves new and different things.

BUT, this week alone, I've done 3 things!  I've done this:

Tator-tot Casserole for dinner last night.  Super yummy, I subbed a homemade cream soup base plus sauteed mushrooms for the cream of mushroom soup to make it a bit less processed.  And it was a hit!

I've pinned a ton of activities for Jack to do.....and have done none of them.  Until this week when we did this!  I wasn't sure how he'd do, or if it'd be too frustrating.  I mean, hand/eye cordination is not usually to good for 2 year old boys, but he's loving it!  He calls it his "hat with the holes game."

 And last but not least, this week, I did this for Owen's room!  Jack has the gutter bookshelves, so I wanted something a little fun and different for Owen and this is it!  I'm loving the cute-ness.  I wish more of the book would show and that's something I might fix in the future, but for now, it's great.

So, here's to adding to my Pinned There, Done That board!


Beth said...

These are all really cute/yummy looking. I should make that tater tot casserole. It looks exactly like something Carter would love. :)