Jack's Day

Wake up, cry, get a diaper change, try to pee on whoever's changing the diaper, eat, poop while eating, get another diaper change, try to pee on the changer again, lay on a blanket and coo and be cute, yawn, get swaddled, get rocked to sleep, sleep.

Repeat every 3-4 hours

I would say that we like to sleep late (we get up around 9am)...but what is late when your day never really begins or ends? I tend to get philosophical on little sleep...

Speaking of sleep, look how cute he is sleeping in his swing!


Kristi said...

Molly he is just adorable!!!

Beth Wooten said...

His face is so cute, so smushed and sleepy! P.S. I really like your new background, especially the blue and white ikat-ish pattern.