9 Months

As I continue on in my quest to switch Jack over to only table foods, life goes on. 

Today we had our 9 month appointment!  I get excited and a little nervous as each check up draws near.  Last week I read that a 9 month old should have no more than 24 oz of formula, so I quickly adjusted Jack so I would be able to tell Dr F that Jack was only drinking 24 oz.  I told Jeff months ago that Jack better be crawling by our 9 month appointment!  I didn't want to tell the dr that he wasn't!!  (PS thank you Jack, you must have overheard me and decided to just wait as long as possible to fulfill my wish) I worry that he isn't eating enough and will have dropped in percentage in weight, worry that his head will have grown in percentage so that we'll have to have the forewarned MRI.  I just worry.

Our appointment was a 2 this afternoon and it went great!  Jack is 21 lbs, still 50th percentile and 29 inches, still 75th percentile and still a huge head, but it hasn't increased in percentile, which was just what we were hoping!  He did have to get a shot (so sad!) and a finger prick to check for anemia, which was even worse than the shot!  They pricked his finger and had to squeeze it to fill a tube with his drops of blood!  Poor baby. 

All in all, a great appointment!  Dr F did ask me if he was cruising, like standing up and holding on to things to get around.  Um, no.  He's not.  I hate it when he asks me developmental questions and the answer is no!  So my quest tonight has been to get him to do that.  Which he totally did...honest!  He will do anything to get to the remote control, and he cruised from one side of the table to the other to get it!  He also asked if he was pulling up.  Well, does pulling up once count?  Because he did that the other day...so it counts, right?  I also used the remote to try to coerce him to pull up on the coffee table, but he does this awkward thing where he tries to pull up and ends up with most of his body under the table so his little arms and chin are the only thing peeking out!  So, no pulling up...until....

Jack was taking an abnormally long time to go to bed.  These days, we zip up his sleep sack, say his good night prayer, turn on the white noise machine, and he's out!  Easy, easy.  Every once in a while he chatters a little before he goes to sleep, and if we let him chat it out, he'll eventually fall asleep.  Well, tonight he was chatting up a storm...which turned to crying...which turned to wailing...so I finally peeked in the door...he was standing up in his crib!  Poor baby, he couldn't figure out how to sit down once he'd gotten up.  His eyes were red and swollen...we felt so bad!!  If I didn't feel so bad, I would have taken a picture to prove, my baby can pull up!