New tricks!

Not only are we transitioning to table food, Jack has a few more tricks up his sleeve for his turning 9 months party!

When we were in Gruene, Jack woke up from a nap and Jeff went to get him out of the pack and play and found him sitting up!  Yes, he's been sitting up on his own for the past 3 months, but now he can get himself to sit up!  So now every time we go to get him in his crib, this is what we find.

Looks like a little jailbird!

He is also really moving around right now!  I wouldn't consider it a full on crawl quite yet, but he's doing this kinda inch worm thing where he gets up on his knees and lunges forwards, arms stretched out.  The up on his knees, then get the picture.  It's so fun to see which toys he's actually choosing to play with rather than just having to play with whatever's close by.  His favorite thing to "crawl" for is the remote control.  What is it about the remote control?  I have no idea, but he absolutely loves it!  It is by far his favorite thing.  Jeff got him to crawl all the way around the coffee table using the remote control as bait!  Go Jack, go!


Sara said...

Oh, just wait! We had to take the batteries out of two remotes because werner laid claim to them.(and was randomy turning things on and off in the house with them.)

Beth Wooten said...

This sounds like the funniest thing. I like his initiative!