Newest goal...

is to completely switch Jack over to table food.  I can't help it, I'm so ready to not sit down and spoon feed the little munchkin every few hours!  And since yesterday was his 9 month birthday (I can't believe it) it's totally do-able.  His newest favorite game, and probably the largest contributing factor to my newest quest, is having a mouth full of food and spitting it out, projectile style all over anything in his near vicinity.  Um, not fun.  And maybe it makes me a bad mom, but when he starts doing that, I can't help but feel anger rise inside of me...which makes me promptly decide that he's done eating.  He loves to make funny spitting noises all the time, which I love!  What I don't love is when he's making those noises with a mouth full of food.  Hence the need to start the transition to finger foods for meals! 

So, lately, his meals have consisted of the following: 

Breakfast: 1/4 whole wheat waffle, a cooked egg yolk, a few cheerios and some small diced apple. 
After nap snack:  Yo Baby! yogurt and a vanilla wafer
Lunch:  a whole banana, a few saltine crackers, a cheddar cheese stick
As you know, our first experience with chicken was a big fat FAIL, but lately, he's been doing great with chicken!  Not pureed chicken, just diced chicken.  Yay! 
Afternoon snack: some type of fruit usually in the mesh feeder.  He loves frozen oranges, mango, and apples in there!
Dinner:  diced chicken, diced roasted sweet potato, diced roasted apples, a few homemade macaroni and cheese noodles, diced fresh green beans

Every once in a while, we'll throw in a jar of baby food, and it also depends on if we're out to eat or at home, but this has kinda become the standard.  He's still drinking 3 bottles equaling 24oz of formula each day, so this is just on top of that! 

I do try to buy mostly organic, especially with the chicken and eggs.  For some reason, those two things stand out more to me than the fruits and veggies...who knows why...and I've been buying organic baby yogurt.  I really do want to do my best to stay partially to mostly organic for Jack, I just feel like it has to be more healthy than serving up some hormone pumped protein or dairy!  So, I'll do my best for as long as I stuff is expensive, ya'll! 

Another adjustment to Jack's new self feeding takes a good 45 minutes for each meal to go down.  Not for me to get it ready, for him to eat it!  He'll sit in his high chair for at least 30 minutes, usually closer to 45  minutes or an hour, just munching his way through his smorgasbord of a meal.  And he's completely happy and loving it!