Found this sweet little goodie on the curb on the way to lunch with a friend.
I initially thought, "Awesome!  Perfect for our backyard.  Jack will love it one day!  I'll pick that up on the way home!"
As I drove on past, I remembered a few weeks ago when I spotted some AMAZING storage shelves (I guess as amazing as storage shelves can be) on the curb, went home, asked Jeff to go get them and by the time he got there...they were gone.  I was so disappointed.
So, what did I do?  Circled the block, and shoved them in the back, on top of the stroller and various sundry baby items. 
I can sooooooo picture Jack sitting at his table, munching on lunch with a friend, fighting over who has to sit in the pink chair. 
Eek!  I love it!