11 Months!

Well, we've made it almost a year with our little boy!  Wow.  I can't believe his birthday is in less than a month!

Now, I swear, the minute he turned 11 months, he started being crazy.  Two weeks ago, if he was crawling toward something he didn't need to touch, Jeff and I would say no, and he'd stop.  And he was easily distracted into forgetting about whatever it was he initially wanted.  Now, if he's crawling towards something he doesn't need to touch, Jeff and I will say no, and he'll stop...and turn around to look at us....and then turn around and look at whatever it is he wants...turn back around to look at us....crawl a little closer...turn back around to look at us...and go ahead and do what he wants.  All the while, Jeff and I are in the background telling him no!  I mean, it's crazy.  And if he's removed from the situation, once he's back on the floor, the first place he'll head is back into trouble!!!  Crazy, I tell you!

With his crazy bout of  disobedience comes the most adorable personality I've ever seen.  It is just breathtaking to see my little baby turning into a little boy.  He is funny!  Just this morning he was making faces at me to make me laugh!  He still loves to play peek a boo, and loves to be startled and surprised.  He's more independent...hence the naughtiness (he loves to sneak into the bathroom and unroll a roll of toilet paper).  I've been giving him space to play...if I'm in the living room and he crawls in the den to play, I love just listening to him talk to himself and bang his spatula and ladle around!  Until he spy's Vincent's dog food bowl, and before I can get in there, he's got a mouthful...oh well, protein, right?  He loves to be tickled and LOVES to laugh!!  Which is just too much to handle.  He's just so much fun.

He's a good little eater.  He loves mango, kiwi, and macaroni and cheese (and apparently fish sticks...yes, he ate a fish stick...for breakfast...am I a bad mom?), loves yogurt and adores Cheerios.  He's down to half of his morning bottle...I'm a little worried about getting rid of that morning bottle.  Once he wakes up, he is READY for that bottle.  We'll see how that goes.  We're supposed to be bottle free by 12 months!  He is a big fan of fruit bars, and could eat an entire bag of goldfish crackers.  Seriously.  His love for Saltines continues and the big hit recently has been a Simply Fruit jelly sandwich (on double fiber bread...sometimes we have issues).  He's a big fan of that!  And if he's had a jelly sandwich, you can tell, because somehow it ends up over everything in the whole house.  I can't for the life of me to get him to eat any vegetables.  Remember his love of carrots?  Apparently it's gone.  Hopefully he won't always reject anything green, but for now, it's straight up fruits!

Yesterday was the first day of school for lots of schools around here.  It's weird to not be getting ready to start the year...but I am beyond blessed to have this adorable thing for my boss for another year!