Firsts and Lasts

Lots of new things going on around here...

First, Jack is really walking.  Like, really walking!  And he loves it.  He thinks it is soooooooo fun and pretty much laughs every time he's walking!  It's been so fun to watch him figure it out.  And I swear, it happened all in about 2 days!  One day, he couldn't walk.  The next, he took a few steps.  The next, he was walking across the room!!  I'm working on getting a video.  Problem is, when he sees the video camera, he wants to grab it.

Next, Jeff and I were away from Jack over night for the first time last night.  Whew.  I'm not gonna lie, I missed him!!  But I didn't miss him when I got to sleep until after 8am.  :)  Jeff made reservations for us to have dinner at Wolfgang Puck's 560 restaurant at the top of Reunion Tower and it was so good.  The view was amazing and we had such a good time just being together! 

It was weird coming home and not having him be here.  And it was super weird not to wake up to his sweet noises. was also nice to sleep in!  Jeff went to pick him up this morning and he squealed with delight, seeing his Dada!

One last new thing.  Jack's transitioning from formula to milk!  The real deal.  And I am very excited about that.  If you've read long, you know that breastfeeding lasted for about 3 months around here, so Jack's been a formula baby for quite a while.  While it was the best thing for us to do, I'm ready to not have to scoop out a powder and shake up a bottle in order to feed Jack.  Not that it's physically hard to do, but the reality is, it doesn't feel quiiiiiiiite natural!  But cow's milk?  Now that's something I can get behind!  And he's loving it.  I've been doing half formula and half cow's milk and it's going well so far!

Along with all of the first, there's also a lot of lasts going on these days.  Some of them I'm sad to see go, but for all of them, it's time to say bye bye!

Jack is totally off the bottle.  As in, no more bottles.  I was most worried about his first bottle of the morning.  He loved that bottle!  But has transitioned well from his morning bottle to his morning sippy cup and is happy as a clam, sitting there drinking his milk. 

And that means saying bye bye to the bottles and bottle drying rack.  I never liked that bottle drying rack.  I'm glad to see that go. baby is definitely growing up if he doesn't need bottles or a bottle drying rack anymore!!  We 're moving on the cabinets full of sippy cups.  And this is likely the last can of formula to grace our counters.  As I said, I'm glad that he's on milk now, but just one more thing to remind me that my baby's growing up!!
It is so hard for me to believe that he's turning one in a little over a week.  I've had several friends who have had babies in the past few weeks and looking at those sweet little bundles reminds me that Jack is so big!  And how much he's grown!  And how far we've come.  We've made it almost a year!  I'm loving my growing boy, and each stage is so much more fun than the next.  God is so good, we are so blessed.

And, just because he's so cute and I got a new camera...