Story time!

Today Jack and I went to our first story time!  I was super excited.  I'd looked at the story schedule and was looking forward to hearing. 

When I was little, my aunt owned a gift boutique in my hometown called The Holiday House.  She had all kinds of things from crosses to hang on the wall to baby blankets.  If you needed a gift in Palestine, this is where you went!  We spent quite a bit of time there growing up, and I spent many a Christmas season wrapping gifts in the back.  And due to that, I LOVE wrapping beautiful gifts and making perfect bows!  Anyways, at some point, they carried a book titled Good Dog, Carl.  For some unknown reason, my cousin who is 4 years older than me, read the title of that book and from then on, he would consistently comment "Good dog, Carl" to every accomplishment we made...and being the younger cousins, my sister and I thought it was hilarious, which, of course, made him say "Good dog, Carl" to us even more!  I don't remember ever reading the book, just knowing it was Good Dog, Carl

Well, Good Dog Carl was the featured book this week!  Just seeing the cover of the book on the website brought back so many memories, and now I would finally get to know what Carl did that was so good! 

Story time was at 11am and Jack's nap usually ends around10, so that should be perfect.  But of course, Jack didn't go down for his nap on time, which means I woke him up at 10:45, which means we walked into story time after 11.  Surely they start a few minutes after 11, right?  I mean, who can get anywhere on time with kids in tow?

We wind our way back to the story nook and it was obvious that the story had Jack and I pop a squat in the back and I think to myself, "I'll have to catch up on the beginning of Good Dog, Carl after the reader finishes.  At least I'll know a few reasons Carl was so good!"  Once I take a gander at the book up front, it is immediately clear that it is not Good Dog, Carl.  It's a book about a monkey and he was presently riding on the back of a hippo.  Nope, that's not Carl. 

Needless to say, I was disappointed in still not knowing why Carl was good.  Well, there were about 2 minutes left of reading time, and Jack couldn't have cared less!  He didn't care about Carl or the monkey on the hippo, he LOVED seeing all those kids!  Isn't it funny how kids are just drawn to other kids? 

So, story time ended and we did a little browsing, which Jack thoroughly enjoyed.  He loved seeing all the books on a shelf and checked out a few.

But everything stopped when he spied Good Night Moon.  We read Goodnight Moon every night before bedtime and it was obvious that he recognized that book.  I could....not....pull....him....from Goodnight Moon!  Seriously!  Every time I took one copy out of his hand to re-shelve so we could move on, he grabbed another one!  At one point, there were about 4 copies of Goodnight Moon on the floor!  It was so cute. 

He also loved walking around in the store.  He's a little unsteady walking in his shoes, so he liked to hold my hand (um, I might have loved that), but he walked all over the store!!!  Such a cutie!!

So, I might not know why Carl was so good, but we had a wonderful first story time!


Beth Wooten said...

I haven't thought about Good Dog, Carl in so long! I love that it was supposed to be the story. Who knew anyone outside of Palestine even read Good Dog, Carl?! :)

Molly said...

I know! Who knew Good Dog, Carl was actually a piece of literature!