Birthday fun!

Monday was my birthday...birthday's get a lot less exciting when you get old.  Now, pair that with the planning of Jack's birthday, it's totally not a big deal to me.  But I had a great birthday!

Sunday night I went out with some great friends to a fancy schmancy restaurant. 

Top left is Leah, met her in Brownies.  Then me. (Duh)
Bottom row is Beth, BFF, known her since 3rd grade, the Leigh Ann, a sweet friend who the they replaced me with got to know when the other 3 girls went to A&M and I went to TCU.  Then Margaret, known her since before pre-school. 

It's Restaurant Week in these parts, which means you get a lot of food at a really nice restaurant for not a lot of money.  We went to Nick and Sam's in Dallas and it was sooooooo good!  The food was good, but the service....the service was just amazing.  They brought us a champagne toast to celebrate my birthday!  And even brought sparkling cider for the prego and the breastfeeder!  And then check out my dessert.

It says "Happy Birthday"!  That's fun. you like the pics?  Because Jeff got me a new camera for my birthday!  I'm so excited.  I've been taking pictures like crazy.  Don't worry.  You'll notice. 

On my birthday, my sister and mom brought over dinner while Jeff worked, which was so nice. 

And the birthday fun isn't over yet!  Jeff and I are going to dinner at Reunion Tower on Friday night!  I've always wanted to go up in the ball...and the restaurant is supposed to be good, too. 

It's been a wonderful first birthday as a mom!  And Jack couldn't handle it.  He wanted to spend the  So he decided to skip his afternoon nap.  Happy birthday to me!  :)

And just because he's so cute and I got a new camera...


Beth Wooten said...

I had so much fun Sunday night. It was just a great dinner all around. Hey, remember that gumbo... and those mashed potatoes? yum.

Molly said...

I can't forget the creamed spinach...YUM.