Jack is seriously working on talking lately.  He's moved from the repeated one syllables like mamamamamamamamamama and dadadadadadadad to more like linskeonkmgnlamekaeda.  Seriously, that's what he sounds like!  And the inflection in his voice changes as he babbles and I swear, he and Monk have multiple conversations about what's going on and how he wishes his mama would quit trying to make him like vegetables and just give him crackers and cheese. 

And he's really zeroing in on a few words in particular.  He's got Mama, Dada  and Vava (vincent) down, and has for a while, but he's working on new words like juice, which is fun.  We're working on animal sounds and he love to sings along to the Pat the Bunny video that Nana has.  I keep waiting for him to say something along the lines of Monk, but nothing yet...

He learned to blow a kiss this week, which is freakin' adorable, and has picked up a few new dance moves to add to his repertoire, too! 

It is just breathtaking to watch him these days.  He's learning so much, taking everything in, loving every minute of life.  And God made him in a way that makes him learn, grow and progress, just where he should be, which is just amazing.