Christmas Leftovers: Part 1

I don't know about your Christmas feast but mine was GOOD!  Seriously good. 

I was in charge of the meat and I made a prime rib roast that was, if I do say so myself, really yummy.  Last year I made a beef tenderloin, and I felt it left something to be desired.  This year's prime rib roast made up for it!  My sister made a mashed potato casserole (with french fried onions on top...sooooooo good), Jenny brought corn casserole (I love love love corn casserole), and my mom brought a delightful peppermint dessert, complete with homemade pound cake!  It was just wonderful. 

I also made Yorkshire pudding.  Let's not go there. 

I'll just say they were supposed to look like this

and in reality they looked like this.

Anyways, we had great food, great time, and just a few leftovers...that were doomed to sit in my fridge, forgotten, for weeks.  So one night, I got a wild hair and used everything (except the peppermint goodness) to make a Shepherds Pie!  And ya'll, it was really really good.  And the perfect way to use up my little bit of leftovers! 

I first, I made a roux with butter and flour and added the left over beef drippings and some boxed beef stock to make a gravy.  I chopped up a the left over beef, threw that into the gravy, along with the corn casserole and some frozen peas.  Halfway through pouring that in a pyrex, I thought of adding an egg to bring it together, so I tossed that in along the way.  Stirred up the mashed potato casserole and added an egg to that, scooped it on top of the gravy mixture, 30 minutes in the oven and viola!  Dinner!  And although it probably wasn't an authentic Shepherd's Pie, it was close enough....and the best part, is that I actually used up all my leftovers!  And that little bit of cooking made us dinner two nights, and one lunch for Jeff.  :)

And yes, part 2 is coming...but I hear my nap striker I'll leave you in suspense....muah-ha-ha...