Decking the Halls

This is Jack's first Christmas...where he's actually aware of things...and into things....and curious about things....and ready to knock things over and drag things around the house. 

One Saturday afternoon in November, I announced to Jeff that I'd come to terms with the fact that that we just wouldn't be able to put up a tree this year, thinking that I would be more distraught about it than he would, that he wouldn't bat an eye. I was wrong!  Much to my surprise, he REALLY wanted a tree up!  I guess there is something special about putting a tree up, turning off all the lights at night, that makes it feel like Christmas.  Plus, we should have a tree so Jack can see his first family Christmas tree!  So, I suggested a tree with just lights on it.  Nope, he wanted ornaments.  He wanted ornaments, I wanted to not pick up my favorite ornaments, shattered, all season.

Later that day, we went to Sam's to get all the stuff for the chili cook off and came across a tub (what else would there be at Sam's) of shatterproof ornaments (all coordinating, of course) for like $30.  Jeff jumped to it like a moth to a flame!  So, we did it.  We bought the huge tub or matching ornaments. 

Saturday after Thanksgiving,our tree went up and the ornaments went on.  I have to say, they don't look too bad!! 

Now, there were a few favorites that we just couldn't leave in the box.  One is this terribly hideous light up nativity scene.  You actually plug it into one of the light sockets and it changes color from white.  Classy, right?

And my mom found this sock monkey ornament that just had to go on the tree.  And Jack loves it!!

And since we were going all non traditional on the tree, I decided to mix up the tree topper with this plaque and a big ole bow. 

So, here it is, our shatterproof, coordinated tree.  And Jack LOVES it.  If he's up before we turn it on, he just points and waits.  The plug is connected to one of the light switches in the room and he gets the biggest kick out of turning it on!