While Jack works on napping....what do you call it when your 15 month old is in bed, talking to himself (or Monk) for hours on end and then "gets up" from his nap and is tired and cranky?  Well, whatever it is, I thought I'd take a few minutes to blog about our Christmas while Jack does that for a little while!

Christmas was so much fun this year.  Jack doesn't get it, but he loves it!  He loves the lights on the tree (I'm fully expecting a whole hearted breakdown when he wakes up one morning and the tree and lighted garland are gone) he loves seeing family, he loves getting new toys....he all out loves it. 

Chistmas started out with a visit from my dad, his wife, Barbara, and SURPRISE, my Grandpa!!  Now, two reasons this is surprising.  First,  Grandpa doesn't travel, as most older people don't...but he'd never been to Fort Worth, didn't make it up for my wedding, hadn't seen our house or Katherine's house....and it was so fun to see him.  Second, my sister and I didn't even know he was coming!!  The plan was to meet Dad and Barbara at Kat's house.  We hear them drive up and Kat opens the door...and there's Grandpa!  She burst into tears, he asked why she was laughing....classic.  My grandpa's always ready to go home, so I pretty much expected him to say, "Ok, well then..." pretty as soon as he set foot inside, but they stayed for lunch and gifts, and then even made a trip up to our house so Grandpa could tour our house.  And like that, they were gone.  We did get this cute pic of Dad and Barbara with Jack....and Jack LOVES his little Thomas the Train that they brought him! looks like Jack has a big bow on his head...

Next was the Jamison Christmas!  Jeff's brother, Andy, and his wife Alison were in town the week before Christmas and we had such a good time with them.  And Jack loved spending time with his aunt and uncle. 

We had Christmas over at the Jamison's...
  Jack got a super fun drum from his aunt and uncle...

And from Jeff's Aunt and Uncle, he got the most fitting Jack in the was a sock monkey!  A monk in the box!  Hahahaha!

We went to church on Christmas Eve eve (follow that?  The eve of Christmas eve?  Our church shares a building with 5 other sometimes you've just got to roll with the punches) and Jack donned his Christmas sweater his Nana got him.  Precious!  But he was in a funky mood, and would NOT let me put him down at church.  There was no nursery, so Jack ate a banana and crackers and danced through the Christmas worship songs.

I'm sorry to include that bottom picture, but the thing about is....I think it's HILARIOUS!  If only you knew that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him....he's freaking out because I have the camera in my hand and can't pick him up.  Really?  REALLY?

Jack was up EARLY on Christmas morning.  Payback for all the times I put my hands in the freezer for 10 minutes before going to wake up my parents on Christmas morning, I guess.  I'd made the Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls the day before, so I popped those in the oven (and they were amazing) and Jack got started opening his gifts. 
Aren't these pictures just the best? 

He got a little laptop thing, but the favorite gift of the early morning was this cat keyboard.  It has a little microphone on it and he basically just sticks the whole things in his mouth and groans...and loves it!  I mean, look at that soul in the top picture! 

After his morning nap, he got up and found this little grill from Daddy, all put together and ready to go!  He loves it.  Loves opening and shutting the lid, loves the tongs and spatula (random) and carries the hot dog all over the house with him.
Sorry some of these pics are so dark!  I got a new flash for my camera and I'm still figuring out how to use it...

Aunt Kat got him a sit and spin which he's going to LOVE!  He likes to eat his burger while he spins. 

Gammy got him this cute little TAMU table set with a bowl, plate, fork and spoon.  He knows that Vincent eats out of bowls, so naturally, this one was for Vincent!  Cute!!

Nana and Papaw got him his very own wagon!  And he was super excited.  They have one at their house, and he loves riding around in it!!  He just can't believe he gets his very own!!  :)

Our family had such an amazing Christmas, we're blessed beyond measure with love, family, and friends.  Christmas is a blessing and serves as a reminder of what life is about.  It's about the Savior that was born, born to die for our sins.  And we get to celebrate! 

It took me a while to get into the Christmas spirit this year....and I know it's because I wasn't focused on the Lord and his saving grace.  Thankfully, the gentle reminders finally got to me and by Christmas day, I was able to celebrate it for what it was.  A blessed reminder of my salvation.