Anrhtopologie on a Walmart Budget

That title sums me up.  That could be the name of my blog.  Etched on my headstone, or written across my back. 

I love Anthropologie.  But truth be told, I've bought one thing from there.  It was this

dress for my rehearsal dinner and I decided that was part of the "wedding budget".  Other than that, I think I have a few mugs from there.  And I probably used a gift card to buy them.  BUT, I love it.  Love the magazines, covet the clothes, and would die of happiness if my bed linens came off their shelves.

My stay at home mom budget doesn't include splurges from there, so I'm relegated to Walmart...Target on a good week.  (Although we did take a family outing to a farmer's market down the street this's my new favorite place, and will hopefully keep me from Wallyworld.) 

So, in lieu of being an Anthropologie junkie, I just fake it.  I always fake it, and, some days, fake it well.  I think I faked it well today.

Jeff snagged a solid turned leg coffee table about a year ago off craigslist for about $100.  Similar coffee table shown here for a bit more.  :)  I've been meaning to refinish it from day 1, but things get in the way, if you know what I mean. 

Last weekend I was looking at Better Homes and Gardens and realized I needed a better home.  Or at least a better living room.  Meaning, it was time. 

I drug the table out back (which was a feat in itself) and got busy.  We had some black paint from when we redid the den, so I was set!

First coat, not to pretty.

Second coat, we're getting somewhere!

Fast forward (because I forgot to take more pictures) and DONE!  And LOVE.
I had some blue paint left over from the den redo and used that as a top coat, then distressed it. 

I moved a picture from the den to hang over the couch...
And I think I'm in love.

So, no money spent, and I've got a brand new coffee table!!

I also recovered some pillows in a fabric that I used in the den....bringing it aaaaaaall together.

My next goal is to get a plain neutral carpet to replace this one.  While I love the carpet, (and love it even more because my mom handed it down to me = free)and it's actually a really nice one, I kinda feel like it's crampin' my style.  I need a neutral so I can switch things up in the blink of an eye! 

Next year, I'm sure you'll be reading a post about how I need a carpet with pizazz.  I know myself well. 

But for now, I'm loving the living room! 

Now, what about those curtians....


The Rigoloso's said...

Hi Molly! It's molly!
Love, love, love your new coffee table! Great job! Hope your 2011 is off to a great start!
ps i heart anthro, too

Lisa, An American Mom said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! Love Anthropologie too... but can't really afford it. :) I'm impressed with your coffee table redo!!