My kid is smart.

Yes, that's what every mother says, and if they're not saying it, they're thinking it.  So there.  I said it.

First of all, Jack is talking up a storm these days!!!  Conversations flowing, mostly gibber jabber, but the inflection in his voice tells me he absolutely knows what he's talking about!  Sometimes he'll poke his head in the kitchen when I'm cooking and literally, what comes out of his mouth, it's a question.  He tilts his head to the side, and out pops this string of sounds ending with a rise in his tone, just like a question!  If he can't see me, he yells, "MAMMA?  MAMMA?  MAMMA?  MAMMA?" until he can find me.  In the back seat of the car, it's "MAMMA?  MAMMA?  MAMMA?  MAMMA?"  And each time, I'll answer, it's not like I leave him hanging, wondering where I am, but he wants to SEE me! 

He started calling Vincent "Vava" a month or so ago, but now he's grouping things together, and all dogs, big or small are Vava.  I think that's impressive!  

He's super into his books, and if you remember, one of his favorites is this one. 

The Look and See ABC book.  Well, I'm not kidding you that depending on which page we're on, he can identify objects that start with that letter.  If we're on the "J" page, I can ask him, "Where's the juice?" and you can see his little eyes perusing the page until they land upon the cup of juice, and then he nonchalantly points to it, and is ready to move on to the next challenge.  My cousin made us a Shutterfly calendar with a bunch of family pictures, and he flips through that calendar like a book multiple times a day, looking at the pictures. While looking at a page, he can point out who is who...Mamma, Daddy,'s impressive.

OOH!  Another impressive thing!  Jack's been a little under the weather this weekend, so we pulled out the humidifier...only to find it needed a new filter...and you could only order them online.  They weren't available in store.  Really?  So we stopped by Target last night to get a new one. 

It's this cute little could I not get him?  He's so cute!  We slipped it in his room while he was sleeping and imagine how excited he was so see this fun thing when he woke up this morning!  In fact, he's mildly obsessed with it and loves that the cloud of mist comes out of the top and tries to hit it.  Sooooo, long story even longer, there was a cap on the tank that wasn't needed so it was in the living room while the humidifier was in his room.  Well, this morning, he picked up the cap and took it to the humidifier, knowing the two things went together!!  How??  He's too smart.  It's kinda scary.

Now, I'm sure this is just what 16 month olds do, I'm not crazy to think he's a genius (maybe just a little) but it's amazing!!!!  Amazing the way his mind is maturing.  He's just a little sponge!  Such an amazing picture of how the Lord grows us!!!