First Day of School...Ever

How.  How in the world?  My Jack can't possibly be 16 months old today.  It can't be true!  It seems like just yesterday I was crying because I couldn't imagine spending another day, just me and him, battling out breastfeeding, cheering him on to roll over, changing a million new born diapers. 

But it is.  And this morning I did something that every mother will do only once.  I dropped him off for the first time at a place I'm not super familiar with, with people I don't know.  Jack started Parent's Day Out (so PC) this morning.

And I couldn't be happier for him!!!  I know he's going to love it, I know he's going to make some friends, I know he's going to get to play on that amazing playground out back and the ball pit in the classroom.  I know he needs to be around other kids!  Learning to share, play nicely, and listen to someone else tell him no besides me!  I know all that.  But dropping him off this morning was HARD!! 

I packed his first lunchbox. I made him his first sandwich to eat somewhere else...and used my star cookie cutter to make the pieces cute.  :)   I filled his backpack with a change of clothes, diapers, and of course, Monk. 

I tried not to cry as I told the teacher that his paci was in his backpack and I'd pick him up before nap time...around noon.  And I made it to the car before I really broke down...and cried all the way to Target (where I found some AMAZING toys on sale....if you're in the birthday present business, I suggest you go check out that sale). 

Walking the isles, trying not to wonder how he was doing, I got a phone call from Hannah.  Her daughter started the same program this week and today is her second day.  She raved about their first day, even more reason for me to know he's going to love it!  Anyway, she called to tell me that when they dropped her off, Jack was standing in the middle of the room, with his paci and Monk, checking things out, looking like he was thinking about playing. 

I have to admit, I'm kinda counting the minutes until it's time to pick him up...and in the mean time, looking at this picture. 

I had to take a first day of school picture, right?  Well, this first day of school picture will always remind me how tiny he was on his first day, that his backpack was too heavy and he couldn't stand up long enough for me to get a picture of it before toppling over backwards!

And this one, reminding me how stinkin' cute he is, especially in a pea coat.

So, 30 minutes and counting! 


Beth Wooten said...

Okay, first of all, his pea coat! Too much!

Second, I can't believe he's so big and stepping out Parent's Day Out style. Go, Jack!