Jack loved his swing when he was little, so we didn't rock him too much.  Then when he transitioned out of the swing, we wanted him to be able to learn to fall asleep on his own and self soothe, so we didn't rock him too much. 

I was kinda annoyed that that wonderful rocking chair was put to so little use!  I was ready to move it into the soon-to-be nursery when we redid his room.  Until these last few weeks. 

These days, Jack is loving a little rocking before he goes to bed.  I'm sure it makes him sleepy, but really I think he loves the routine of it, the laying down on Mommy or Daddy's shoulder for a minute before he gets in his bed.  He never falls asleep or even dozes off, it's really just a little snuggle time before bed.  And I adore it.  He gets in his sleep sack (yes, we're still using them), and sits in our lap to read, what else, Goodnight, Moon (where he points out the red balloon and every other object we read goodnight to, and even whispers, "Shhhhhhhhh" at the appropriate times), turn off the light, and he snuggles in while we say our bedtime prayer, and then we rock for just another minute, before he sits up, and points to the bed. 

It's brief, but it's wonderful.  I can't help but think, every night, that this won't last forever.  And while I'm kinda glad that training for time outs won't last forever, I find myself crying that this won't last forever.