The Talk of the Town

I've heard about it, but hadn't been until 3 weeks ago. changed my life.

There is a shady looking little grocery store up in my hood called Town Talk.  I'd heard about it, but was kinda nervous to try it.  What I'd heard was that it was a grocery close out store with great prices, since a lot of the stuff was close to or beyond it's expiration date.  You know I love a good deal, but I'd heard it was shady! 

Then I went to a fabulous dinner party where the entire girls table talked about it....and talked about it, and talked about it.  They shared stories, filled with their good deals and savings triumphs.  They said it wasn't really that shady!  They said that since it's close out stuff, there are never the same things there twice, and the catch is to watch for expiration dates on things like diary, but there was tons of good stuff. They said Whole Foods delivered their close out stuff on Mondays, to be put out on Tuesdays.  And the straw that broke the camel's back was....they said they'd gotten YoBaby organic yogurt pack for a dollar.  They're close to $3 at Target.  Um, I can't even do that with coupons.  

So, I did it.  I took the plunge. 

My first trip, I left Jack at home with Jeff (I mean, what if it really was shady???) and set off, still a little nervous, but hopeful, thinking the whole time about that YoBaby.  I pulled up, got a cart, and got started.  I'm not kidding you, it was like heaven to me.  I can't believe I've lived here this long and haven't been!!!!  Oh, the money I've been wasting!!! 

A tub of parmesan cheese?  One dollar.  A Kashi pizza?  Two fifty.  Earth's Best organic snack crackers for Jack?  Fifty nine cents. (Um, are you kidding me?) Tropicana's new 50/50 orange juice?  One dollar.  Brown Land of Lakes eggs?  One dollar.  Corn dogs?  One fifty.  (What?  I'm pregnant!)  Lean Cusines for a dollar.  A box of Nutri-Grain bars for a dollar.  Babybel cheese?  Two fifty.  A huge bag of Pirates Booty that sells for sells for $8 at Costco for A DOLLAR!!  Yes, the bag expires in the middle of June.  Do you think my toddler will care if they're a bit stale?  And honestly, I don't think it will be.

The fridge at TT is always stocked with a ton of yogurt, mostly expired, but I've heard from my sources that yogurt is good for well beyond it's date or you can freeze it!  They also had Horizon milk for a dollar.  One dollar!! And this week, a ton of spinach and artichoke dip, the Tom Thumb deli brand, for a dollar.  And it's good!!!   

And this week....I found just what I had been hoping for!!  Earth's Best organic baby yogurt pack for......a dollar!  Woohoo!!!!  I win!!  I also found Annie's Fruit Snacks for a dollar.  Ya'll that's already a 75% savings on just those two items.  

I will say, it's definitely good to know what you usually buy something for when you go in there, because some items are the same price as at a grocery store, but over all, it's pretty much amazing.  Since we've been budgeting and couponing for a while now, I have a semi good grasp on how much things are and I think that definitely helps least helps me feel more triumphant at the end of my trip!

My favorite part of the whole thing is what some people would hate.  You never know what you're going to get.  There is no use going with a list.  Sure, there's always pasta, there's always cheese, but other than that, you just never know!  Isn't that so fun??


ally007 said...

This post makes my heart so glad. i LOVE that you love TT, and I love that you were not afraid to share about your corn dogs. =)
by the way, my main issue over Town Talk is usually that I get home and realize I should have bought more of the deal rather than just one because I was nervous. i'm learning.

Molly said...

The hardest part for me is leaving because I just KNOW they're going to put out something just amazing right after I walk out the door! Seriously, I was leaving this morning and saw the Mrs Baird's truck pull up and I contemplated going back inside but I didn't want my Ben and Jerry's to melt. :)