Row Row Row

It's been well established that Jack likes music, right?  

Yesterday Jack came home from Mother's Day Out and was singing something he learned.....he loves to sing, and knows every word of what he sings by heart, but usually I have no idea what in the world he's singing.  But yesterday, I caught on!  

It sounded like maybe he was singing Row Row Row Your Boat, so I chimed in and started singing was adorable how his face lit up!!  He was so excited that I knew the same song he did! 

And then he spent 10 minutes trying to get Vincent to sing along with him.  

"Row, row, row.....Sinse?  Row, row, row.....Sinse?  Row, row?  Sinse?"

For 10 minutes.  Needless to say, Vincent didn't catch on, but his persistence was priceless!!