And it starts!

Welcome to the beginning of our family blog! I guess we'll use this as a way to communicate about the joys and struggles of pregnancy, parenthood, and pretty much just life in general! Who knows what will end up on here...I can't wait to start posting pics of the nursery (work in progress, for sure) and eventually baby Jack!

A little background info on us, Jeff and I have been married a little over 2 years and are expecting our first in September. How exciting! The pregnancy road hasn't been too hard to far, no morning sickness to speak of, so anything else I would complain of would be flamed by those who suffered through their first 3 months! Although at this point, the backache and indigestion makes me want to do quite a bit of complaining...why can't I just eat some Mexican food without chasing it with a pack of Tums?

I was (until yesterday) a teacher, and had been for 8 years. In the past week, I've had my last day of school, cleaned out my room, and turned in my keys! Oh yea, and shed more than a few tears. Could have something to do with hormones...but I'm truly glad to be able to prep for and stay home with our little one for the next few years! And don't worry, although I was bawling on my way home from school yesterday, I pulled myself together long enough to pick up more than a few adorable outfits for the little man!

So welcome and enjoy your browsing on the Morning Glory blog! Hopefully there will be something to browse soon...

One more thing. The Story on Morning Glory...where does the name come from, you ask? Well, we live on Morning Glory Ave...not too much of a stretch, but kinda fun!