Jack's room!

Ok, so I couldn't wait too long to post some pics of Jack's work in progress nursery...I just love it! I can't wait until it's finished.

Here is the fabric I'm going to make the bedding stuff out of. The Alexander Henry owl print is what inspired the whole room. I just LOVE it! All of the owls are so different and it lends itself to so many complimentary fabrics. Mom and I picked out the others to coordinate. I think we'll get started on making everything next week...that's kinda scary.

I made these to hang above his bed. Super easy and I think they'll look so cute! I glued yellow polka-dot ribbon on the back to hang them. For some reason, I haven't hung anything on the walls yet...I'm nervous...putting holes in a wall is quite a committment!

Love this IKEA bookshelf. We put it together a few weekends ago (ouch, my aching back...) and every day since then, I go in Jack's room and move things around in the cubes...really? Like he'll care that he has books in two cubbies right next to each other! The caterpillar on the top is one of my favorite things. Don't worry, it has the ABC's on it, one letter on each caterpillar section. Oh, and did I mention it's lower case on one side and upper case on the other? Genius! Because I'm sure he'll end up learning his ABC's from looking at a caterpillar on the top of his bookcase...

And another one of my favorite things...the cross stitch on the left was in Jeff's nursery and the one on the right (another way he's surely learn his ABC's!) was in mine. I still need to get Jeff's reframed so it can come comfortably from 1975 to retro 2009. But I love the idea of something from my nursery and something from his!

At first, I was freaking out because of the green of the walls. Apparently I'm super bad at picking out paint colors based on a 1 inch swatch of the color...who isn't! I mean do they really expect you to know from that? I'm getting used to it and I'm even kinda liking it!


Kristi said...

LOVE everything about this room! That material is AWESOME! And his name...GREAT! I SO love multiple bright colors! You are a girl after my own heart! I cannot wait to see the progression of it all. Oh, and I'm super impressed you are making your own bedding! :-)