I hung something on the wall! Hooray! I love these letters.

Ok, and yes, that is a crib sheet and blanket, washed and ready, like the Jack is here and ready for a nap! I couldn't resist! I never should have gotten the baby detergent...I've washed too many things already. Everyone says, "Don't wash things! He might not fit into the and then you can take them back." That's so not what I'm doing. I want to wash it all! Even the 12-18 month stuff! I can't help it!

But I digress. Back to progress. I hung the blinds...I don't normally really like blinds, but they seem to be a necessary evil here.

I finished the dresser, and I love it! I found this dresser/changing table at a consignment sale for like $100, which is amazing. It was stained with a cherry finish and looked like it had been pretty well used. So I sanded it and painted it, and it was pretty much ready to go! The drawers have a glass front, which I love, but didn't really love it when I started putting stuff in the drawers and you could see everything in them! I'm not an organized drawer kind of today, I used some of the fabric remnants from the bedding and hot glued them behind the glass...I think I like it!

One of our favorite things to do is to "try out" the baby things with Vincent. He's been in the carseat, in the bed, in the swing...and in the bumpo! I promise, he likes it more than he's letting on! :)


Beth Wooten said...

O Lord! Vincent reclining in that seat with his paws dangling in front of him is the best things I've seen in a long time. You just want to put a bottle in those little paws! As if this adjustment wasn't going to be hard enough, now Vincent will really feel like Jack has dethroned him. ;)

Kristi said...

Girl, that might be dog abuse. But it's HILARIOUS! Love his name on the wall. And you are just Miss Creative with those drawers! LOVE IT! And who cares, wash the clothes. If they don't fit just give them to someone or take them to resale! :-)