So we had a prego appointment on Monday, which is always fun! Well, except for all of the time spent waiting for my name to get called...

In my Dr's office, the vault-like door back to the patient rooms could REALLY use some WD40. It squeaks like a mother! So, each time the door creaks open, even before the nurse pops out to call a name, all the heads in the waiting room do a turn worthy of a whiplash, to see if the nurse is their nurse, and then if it is, the heart quickens, hoping it's your name they'll call! And if it actually IS your nurse and it's not your name, you better just hope you've brought your lunch and dinner because it seems likely that your baby will be on it's way out before your name will be the chosen one!

Anyway, Monday I had my glucose tolerance test to make sure I wasn't in trouble and dealing with gestational diabetes. Basically, in the non medical terms my Dr used to explain to me what GD is, it's something that pregnant woman can experience in the last tri mester where your blood is not reacting correctly to sugar. So on the way to the Dr, I had to drink this nasty orange sugar drink...I will almost liken it to the orange drink they have at Mc Donalds. Pretty disgusting.

All of that means I had to have my blood drawn. Eew. I actually felt pretty lucky, truth be told, because your blood HAS to be drawn with in 1 hour of drinking the drink. So I drank it 30 minutes before my appointment, hoping to beat the squeaky door system. And believe it or not, they actually called my name 30 minutes after I got there! Amazing!!!! It was like the light of heaven was shining down on me! Until I got back to the blood room...I sat down in the blood drawing chair and braced myself. I hate getting my blood drawn. I'm not as bad as some but I don't enjoy it at all. I can't look at it. It's my body's life, squirting into a tube! Gross! Well, they try the left arm first. Poke around a bit...can't get the vein. Eew. So, take that needle out, put a cotton ball and some tape on it, and try the other one. Ok, so that one works, 3 tubes of blood, yadda yadda, I'm walking back into the waiting room with a cotton ball and tape on both elbow pits! I look like I've walked into the back to shoot up!

So Jeff and I wait some more...this time to see the Dr. So my hopes in beating the system didn't really work, just enough to get stuck 2 times and then wait some more. Finally, after about a million door squeaks and whiplash turns, I am the chosen one. We got to hear Jack's heartbeat, which is just amazing, and the Dr. said everything looks fine! Yay!

My blood tests results came back Tuesday and it seems that I am RH negative. Apparently that means baby Jack will be fine, but if we were to get pregnant again, my immune system might fight the baby! Isn't that sad? Doesn't lend itself to good I'm headed back to the Dr today to get a Rohgam shot, which I have to get now and then again shortly after Jack arrives. They say this shot will make my immune system not freak out for the next baby.

So I head in this morning to get my shot. Good times. Surely one measly shot won't worthy much of a wait...