Jack's Clothes

This baby will be well dressed. I am sure of it. Thanks to my generous friends! A few weeks ago 2 friends who both have boys passed down to me a bazillion baby clothes. From onesies, to sleepers, to gowns, to socks and shoes, it was amazing! Like 5 baby showers thrown into one exciting day! I had so much fun looking at all of the clothes, picturing Jack in them. One day last week, I got on a nesting spree and washed, folded and put away all of the clothes. At least all of the clothes that would fit! There were so many!

And tonight (yes, tonight) I forged ahead on my first appliqued onesie! I didn't know I could be so proud. I actually want to put it in my purse and carry it around with me so every time I see someone I know, I can pull it out and show it to them. I know, crazy, but I am just so proud! I found this applique pattern on the Internet (thank you, amazing mae) and used all of the material from Jack's room to piece it together. I did the applique by hand (oh my bleeding fingers) because the onesie is just too small to try to twist around the machine!

I know, I know, he'll grow out of it in a minute and he might even be too big to fit in it to begin with (um, that's scary!) and if that's the case, I'll actually be pretty excited to pass it on to a friend, just like so many wonderful things have been passed down to me. But surely he can wear it once, right? At least wear it for as long as it took me to make it?


Abby said...

Great job on the onesie!! It is adorable. I hope I see you on one of the days you're carrying it around in your purse!

Molly said...

Thanks so much! I'm pretty much in love with it!

Kristi said...

Okay, that is awesome! You have to put him in it and lay him in his bed and take a picture! Super cute! You are soooo creative!