Jeff's Beard

So on vacation, Jeff decided to grow a beard. He pulled out a little bit of his rebelious side and wear it on the air on Monday morning! For a normal person, it wouldn't matter. But in the TV business, if you're going to change your apperance, like cut or dye your hair, etc. you're supposed to check with the higher ups to make sure it's ok. For some reason, my rule following husband decided to skip that part and just do not like him! Anyways, his news director chatted with him yesterday and the verdict was...keep the beard! I have to admit, I didn't think I'd have a bearded husband. Don't get me wrong, I like it! It's just strange!

So, now it's become a big deal on the air, they're talking about it all the time and it's been a little out of control.

Check out this news segment:

Really? I reminded him that he's pretty much now locked in to having a beard for the next 20 years of his life...if it's this big of a deal to grow the beard, just imagine the craziness of the beard shaving! He found a barber shop yesterday that he can go to every few weeks to get it cleaned up and news random...and now Jack will have a daddy with a beard!


jill said...

Molly, I LOVE your spot! What a fun way to share your point of view on your life with others.

Watching Jeff the other morning was quite a surprise! I had no idea! When I saw him at your house after you got back, I figured he would shave it off by Monday....

When I taught preschool, I was always happy when one of the very rule-obeying kids was naughty! Even the parents were delighted!What a wonderful example you are setting for Jeff! Hope he does not get too carried away and teach little Jack to be naughty (I think that might be part of a daddy's job with little boys....)!