Textiles Galore

This week I'm not working, and although I've missed the munchkins at Van Grow, I've gotten so much done!! Today was a super crafty day, I didn't have much going on...well, really I was here at the house waiting on the people to come replace the windshield on the Accord. You know that feeling of just because you can't go anywhere, there are a million places you can think of that you should go? Honestly, I probably would have been at the house all morning anyways, but all morning, all I could think of were places to go! JoAnn's, WalMart, (yes, I was even contemplating WalMart), Babies R Us...I NEEDED to go!

A rock cracked our windshield on the way back to Fort Worth from Palestine on the weekend of the 4th, and pretty much since then, we've been trying to get it repaired! We called the windshield place the week after it happened, and I swear, we've had like 8 appointments that have been canceled or rescheduled since then! I think 2 of the appointment days, it rained, then their truck broke down, they were running late in the day so they weren't going to make it, etc. Anyways, I was locked up in the house this morning, hoping they could make it over between rain showers so we could just get it done. It was actually great, because I forced me to spend the whole morning finishing the curtains!

They look so cute, I'm so proud! Of course I didn't measure the windows when I went to buy curtain rods, so I came home with the wrong size for two of the windows (typical, and why I needed to go to JoAnns!), but one of the rods worked perfectly so here it is! I love them. I'm using the ribbon to tie back the curtains, and I need some kind of cool dodad to add to it on the end. I'll have to look around...I'm thinking like a cool button or something. Who knows what will end up on it!

My mom had a nice glider and she was kind enough to donate that to Jack's cause. I was upholstered with a grey-blue material that just wouldn't work! :) She recovered it with this cute yellow quilted material and it looks great! She even made the cover Velcro at the bottom so that I could take it off to wash it. I can't imagine why I would need to wash it! Sweet Jack, he'll never get anything on that!

Once the windshield people got here (By the way, it was a woman who came to replace the windshield, which is just not what I was expecting! Not that I think a woman can't replace a windshield, but she did it all by herself! That's pretty amazing.) I made this adorable little bird applique onesie for a friend of mine who's having a shower this weekend. I really like this one. The bird is so cute! I didn't have any ribbon that would work for the legs, so, as usual, I just walked around the house aimlessly thinking, "surely there's something around here that will work for this!" And sure enough, I remembered all of my beads! Beads for bird legs! Perfect. I think it turned out pretty cute! Hopefully she'll like it.

I also cut out and ironed on 4 other onesie appliqued that need to be stitched. I think on those, I'm going to tackle the blanket stitch (which is apparently the stitch you're supposed to use for applique). It's a little confusing to me...honestly, I haven't tried, but I've looked at it and thought about it and don't get it. Most things like that, I can look at it, think about it, picture how it works, and do it. The blanket stitch has me a bit puzzled. But nothing a little Googling won't fix! Wish me luck and I'll put up pics of the new ones when I've got it mastered! So check in in a few weeks...